re: a song to share from Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Mon Ange (My Angel)

I recently found on the internet this song which I would like to share, very much in the mood I’m now and made from 2 French DJ’s, Madmoiselle Caro and Franck Garcia.

I also try to find the lyrics, which I did, and therefore here is all:

Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Mon Ange (My Angel)

-No more fears around me
-I want to see the light and love it
-No more troubles coming down
-I wish I could find a place to settle down
-No more shadows around me
-The stormy weather is not what I see
-No more tears coming down
-I wish I could find a place to settle down
O dit moi mon ange
Why my love is empty
O dit moi mon ange
Why my heart is free
-They always eat in silences
-They can’t find lost souls in any places
-But no more days wondering why
-And now its time to say goodbye
O dit moi mon ange
Why my love is empty
O dit moi mon ange
Why my heart is free


re: and “again” is Christmas

Today is Christmas and several thoughts came out from my head.

 Last night I did a picture of the table with 4 seats, my Mother in Law, my Mother and my son Teodoro.

 The 4 of us with the inner grief and in some moments very palpable, in the air, in the sound of our voice, watching as well the seats on the table, empty.

 My Father in Law left us the 22nd of September after a long disease and this was the last relative that left us, and this world.

 After the usual opening of the gifts and the good mood we had a good breakfast and then I went out to have my Christmas ran J !

 Again thoughts were rising from my brain and this time thinking about the grief that the entire world is facing everyday and in every Family.

 Yes, when my wife died, and this is the third Christmas without her, I was reading books and books concerning what was happening in my Family to help to recover, or at list to get a little bit of relief for the strong grief inside us.

 One of the things that I learned is to share the grief with others and to understand that this isn’t only happening to you, but many people, Families, are in the same trail.

 This is constantly getting you on the “ground” and therefore what is impossible to pass over is slowly, slowly, getting easier to make you a step beyond to proceed somehow in this life, and I’m sure who will read this words and is in the same situation, will understand easily.

 But one thing came in my mind after that, and is something that in these last month is slowly constantly increasing as a believe to trust!

 We all shall share our grief with others knowing we aren’t alone but we also should try to settle inside our thoughts is that we are “just” passing here and the time we are here is so short compared with the time we knew that the universe began.

 This morning was a pure sensation in my mind and in a “special” day like today, my wish was to share this simple thoughts with you and to let them began a simple thought in our brain, in our life.

 Merry Christmas to you all!


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