re: my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, 55 years, and this morning driving to the office I asked to myself what was the best feeling I got.

 The first consideration was to say thanks’ God to be here celebrating my birthday, the second to have such a wonderful sun and the third to have so much love from all my friends around the world. Thank you.

 It comes also on my mind an extremely deep and difficult moment I had with my wife when in December 2010 I told her that we were at the point of no return, this was in our kitchen at home, and she was crying and struggling with the window but suddenly she said “yes, but there isn’t any possibility to live if you don’t believe in something, if there isn’t a light inside you” and I was very impressed on how she was saying this and the energy that was set in this sentence!

 From there we change attitude and we walked our way, hand in the hand with something inside us, the faith!

 I don’t know and I’m sure her as well at that time, where this faith was concentrated on whom or who, what I understood is that from there we went until the termination of her life in this world, with “something” with us.

 And again this morning, driving at the office, I had this view of my life to share with all, we never should lose the faith, never, a small light inside us will always help to step along our life and keep running.


Right On and Happy Holi!




Machapuchare behind me at Holi Festival!
Pokhara – Nepal, March 1988



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