re: I’m not died yet – Phil Collins at Hyde park – June 30th

I was waiting since almost an year to get in front of the stage and have Phil Collins playing there. The first time I saw him was with Genesis at their early stages and I was almost a child, 13th years old at Eastbourne in Sussex, they played with the band FRUUP as supporters.

I did not realise then that they were following my life with their music until today. That time I cath the autograph from them all, FRUUP included, and suddenly when I went in their dressing room I got shocked when I saw Peter Gabriel’s with the fox head!

When I heard his first song “Another day in paradise” all my enthusiasm and willingness to have a beautiful evening, was gone and I got even a bit upset.

Phil’s says when he stept in that he came back ‘couse he was missing us, but unfortunately we were also missing him… a long time ago.

I think there is not any excuse or whatever to decide to come back on stage and have such a low performance, when you are done you ARE done, nothing will bring up again your voice or your balls 😦

Nevertheless, the band was absolutely fantastic and the coreography excellent, and last but not list, his son Nicholas (16th years old) playing drums, is at his Father level… really great!



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